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YouTube Page: Mustangs7

The home for The Ham Palace on YouTube. Check for occasional video podcasts on this channel. Also, it's the home of my independent films, comedy & comedy skits (such as Muscleheads), and drawing videos.






Lightning Productions
Official blog of Lightning Productions Entertainment. This blog is also associated with The Screaming Eagles independent filmmaking group. Enjoy my independent films, film reviews, storyboard work and The Ham Palace podcast.

Movin' Slow
Official blog of Movin' Slow Productions. It covers mostly my comic books, graphic design portfolio and a link where you can purchase print copies of my books. I usually blog about the artistic process while working on a comic and I put up samples from the comics themselves. I also have samples of my storyboard work as well and plan on doing an occasional web comic. Bare with me though, I do move slow!

Griffin Tutoring
Official blog of Griffin Tutoring. Where parents and others can find me online to tutor English and storytelling. I put up samples of my short stories and sometimes an occasional free short story! I also review books here as well and discuss the writing process. The name with inspired by a character in
Alice in Wonderland, one of my favorite books.

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